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Anonymous Pre-Denarius Coinage, ca. 280-211 BC. AR Didrachm, 23mm (6.64 gm). Head of Janus, laureate with side-curls; two small annulets on head / Jupiter in quadriga right, hurling thunderbolt and holding sceptre; Victory behind; ROMA (incuse on raised tablet) in exergue. Struck 225-215 BC, Rome. RSC I 23; RCV I 31; CRR 64.
Anonymous Post-Reform Issue, ca. 211-82 BC. AE As, 33mm (37.40 gm). Laureate head of bearded Janus, I above / Prow of galley right, I above, ROMA below. Struck 211-206 BC, Rome. RCV I 627; CRR 143.
Q. Minucius M.f. Thermus. AR Denarius, 18mm (3.82 gm). Head of Mars left, wearing crested helmet / Roman soldier advancing right, fighting with uplifted sword a barbarian soldier before him and protecting with shield a fallen comrade at his feet; Q THERM MF in exergue. Struck 103 BC, Rome. RSC Minucia 19; RCV I 197; CRR 592.
L. Julius Bursio. AR Denarius, 21mm (3.99 gm). Youthful head of Genius or Apollo Vejovis right, laureate, with side-wing and hair in ringlets; drapery around neck; trident over shoulder and amphora behind / Victory in quadriga right, holding wreath; letter (W?) above; L IVLI BVRSIO in exergue. Struck 85 BC, Rome. RSC Julia 5b; RCV I 268; CRR 728c.
L. Manlius Torquatus. AR Denarius, 17mm (3.96 gm). Head of Roma right, wearing winged helmet with peaked visor, cruciform earring and necklace; hair in three locks; L MANLI before and PRO Q behind / Sulla togate in triumphal quadriga right, holding branch and crowned by Victory flying above; L SVLLA IM in exergue. Struck 82 BC, Rome. RSC Manlia 4; RCV I 286; CRR 757.
Julius Caesar, 49-44 BC. AR Denarius, 18mm (3.86 gm). Head if Venus right, diademed, wearing earring and necklace; hair in knot / Aeneas walking left, holding palladium and bearing Anchises on his shoulder, CAESAR to right. Struck 47 BC, North Africa. RSC Julius Caesar 12; RCV I 1402; CRR 1013.
Julius Caesar, 49-44 BC. AR Denarius, 19mm (3.39 gm). Laureate head right, CAESAR DICT PERPETVO / Venus standing left, holding Victory and sceptre, L BVCA. Struck 44 BC, Rome. RSC Julius Caesar 23; RCV I 1411; CRR 1061.
P. Accoleius Lariscolus. AR Denarius, 19mm (3.62 gm). Bust of Diana Nemorensis right, P ACCOLEIVS LARISCOLVS / Brockage of obverse. Struck 43 BC, Rome. RSC Accoleia 1; RCV I 484; CRR 1148.

Telford Collection of Ancient Coins