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My Collection of Coins from the Mint at Siscia

Probus, AD 276-282. AE Antoninianus, 22.48mm (3.43 gm). Radiate bust left in imperial mantle, holding sceptre surmounted by eagle, IMP C M AVR PROBVS P F AVG / Pax standing left, holding olive branch and sceptre, P in right field, PAX AVG; XXI in exergue. RIC V-II 704 (pg. 92).

Constantine I, AD 307-337. AE Follis, 19mm (2.74 gm). Laureate head right, CONSTAN-TINVS AVG / D N CONSTANTINI MAX AVG around VOT XX in two lines within laurel wreath; BSIS (rising sun) in exergue. RIC VII 180 (pg. 446).

Constantine I, AD 307-337. AE Follis, 20.16 mm (2.63 gm). Helmeted bust left, wearing imperial cloak, VRBS ROMA / Wolf left and twins, 2 stars above; ΓSIS in exergue. RIC VII 222 (pg. 453).

Telford Collection of Ancient Coins