Welcome to the website dedicated to my collection of ancient Greek, Provincial and Roman coins. As the coins shown in this site comprise my personal collection, none are for sale. If you are looking for coins to purchase, please visit my on-line store at or one of the many other ancient coin dealers with an on-line presence.

One of the great things about this hobby is sharing our coins with fellow collectors. I enjoy looking at coins from other people's collections almost as much as I enjoy looking at those in my own collection. As with many of you, I collect certain types and series.  For instance, my passion is in collecting coins of the Twelve Caesars. However, I am also building a set of at least one coin from each emperor and family member in the Roman Imperial series.  Additionally, I collect coins depicting camp gates, the she-wolf and twins, hemidrachms from Chersonessos, Thrace and whatever else catches my eye!

Ways of Viewing My Collection

This website groups my collection into these types and series. The floating sidebar at left will guide you to these various groupings which include the traditional series of Republic & Imperatorial, Roman Imperial, Roman Provincial and Greek & Celtic. Click any of those links on the sidebar and you'll be taken to illustrated listings of coins in my collection from each of these series.

I've also added a few other ways to view my collection. When you click the "Other ways to view" link in the floating sidebar, you are given several choices on how you can see my collection grouped. For instance, you can view my collections of coins of the Twelve Caesars, camp gates and coins depicting the she-wolf and twins through this portal. You can also view my collection in RIC or RPC order and by denomination. Finally, and this is my favorite part of the site, this link will take you to a map of Roman Imperial mints. When a mint-city is clicked on this map, a listing of coins in my collection from that mint appears.

A couple items of note to consider when browsing my collection. When measuring my coins, I used the largest measurement, no matter the location of these farthest-most points on each coin. Additionally, in those instances where a coin was listed in both the RIC and RPC, I've included it in both the Roman Imperial and Roman Provincial series.

I hope you enjoy my collection as much as I do! Thanks for looking!

Telford Collection of Ancient Coins