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Julia Maesa
AR Denarius, 19mm (2.73 gm). Draped bust right, IVLIA MAESA AVG / Felicitas standing left, holding long caduceus and sacrificing over lighted altar; * in right field, SAECVLI FE-LICITAS. Struck AD 220-222, Rome. RIC IV-II 271 (pg. 50); RSC III 45; RCV II 7757.
AR Antoninianus, 21mm (5.17 gm). Diademed bust right, on crescent, IVLIA MAESA AVG / Pietas standing left, raising right hand over lighted altar and holding incense box, PIETAS AVG. Struck AD 218-219, Rome. RIC IV-II 264 (pg. 50); RSC III 30; RCV II 7747.

Telford Collection of Ancient Coins