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AR Argenteus, 20.83 mm (3.26 gm). Laureate bust right, DIOCLETI-ANVS AVG / The four princes sacrificing over tripod before six-turreted enclosure; • in archway above tripod, VICTORIA SARMAT. Struck AD 295, Ticinum. RIC VI 16a (pg. 282); RSC V 488d.
AE Follis, 30mm x 28mm (10.67 gm). Laureate head right, IMP C DIOCLETIANVS P F AVG / Naked Genius standing left, modius on head and chlamys over left shoulder, right hand holding patera (from which liquor flows), cornucopiae in left; K in left field, Δ - V in right field, GENIO POPV-LI ROMANI; ANT in exergue. Struck AD 300-301, Antioch. RIC VI 54a (pg. 620).

Telford Collection of Ancient Coins