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AR Denarius, 20mm (3.49 gm). Bare head right, CAESAR AVGVSTVS / SPQR - CL V in two lines on shield.  Struck 19 BC, Caesaraugusta. RIC I 42a (pg. 44); RSC I 294.
AR Denarius, 18mm (3.59 gm). Laureate head right, CAESARI AVGVSTO / Domed hexastyle temple of Mars Ultor (the Avenger) containing legionary eagle between two standards, MAR VLT. Struck 18 BC, Colonia Patricia. RIC I 105a (pg.48); RSC I 190; RCV I 1623.
AE As, 28mm (10.91 gm). Bare head right, CAESAR AVG TRIB POTEST / P CARISIVS - LEG - AVGVSTI in three lines. Struck 25-23 BC, Emerita. RIC I 15a (pg. 42).
AE As, 27mm (12.84 gm). Addorsed heads of Agrippa left, wearing combined rostral crown and laurel wreath, and Augustus on right, wearing oak wreath; IMP above and DIVI F below / Crocodile chained to palm tip, wreath in upper left and COL-NEM above. Struck 9-3 BC, Nemausus. RIC I 158 (pg. 51); RCV I 1730; RPC I 524.
AE As, 27mm (10.16 gm). Bare head right, CAESAR AVGVST PONT MAX TRIBVNIC P-OT / M SALVIVS OTHO III VIR A A A F F around large S-C. Struck 7 BC, Rome. RIC I 431 (pg. 75); RCV I 1685.
AE As, 27mm x 26mm (11.81 gm). Bare head of Augustus right, CAESAR / AVGVSTVS in one line within laurel wreath. Struck 25 BC, Ephesus. RIC I 486 (pg. 80); RPC I 2235.
AE As, 29mm (10.73 gm). Radiate head left, DIVVS AVGVSTVS PATER / S-C to left and right of altar-enclosure with double panelled door; uncertain ornaments on top; PROVIDENT below. Struck AD 22-30, Rome. RIC I 81 Tiberius (pg. 99); RCV I 1789.
AE As, 26mm (9.14 gm). Radiate head left, star above, DIVVS AV-GVSTVS PATER / Eagle on globe, head to right, S-C above, IMP T CAES AVG RESTITVIT. Struck AD 80, Rome. RIC II 198 Titus (pg. 142); RCV I 2584.

Telford Collection of Ancient Coins