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About Me

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Most of us collected coins as kids. Some of us continued while others stopped, only to begin again as adults. Whatever your story, you collect because you enjoy the hobby. Maybe it's the thrill of holding history in your hands. After all, Julius Caesar might have once held that denarius, or maybe Billy the Kid used that silver dollar at a saloon. Perhaps it's the beauty of coinage that attracts you to the hobby. Ancient Greek coins are like little works of art, created by celators, artists in their own right. And to many, the St Gauden's $20 double eagle is considered the most beautiful American coin. Whatever your reason, collecting coins is a wonderful hobby.

I collect for all of those reasons. I am intrigued by ancient history, particularly that of the ancient Greek and Roman societies, as well as the history of medieval Britain. The thought of holding a coin once used by a Roman soldier is amazing to me. My current passions are coins of the Twelve Caesars, English monarchs and Morgan dollars. You can see my ancients collection at, though the site is perpetually incomplete! Perhaps someday I'll find the time to add my English coins to this site.

I see many other Roman and ancient Greek coins and am fighting the urge to begin other type collections. I imagine I will lose that battle someday, succumbing possibly to the notion of collecting the more popular ancient Greek coins like the Athenian owl, the Corinthian Pegasus or a tetradrachm of Alexander the Great. Who knows?!